Colorado – The Rocky Mountain State. A trip to this beautiful state will leave you wanting for more. The culture, attractions, and climate are so diverse that you wouldn’t know where to begin once you have set foot there. However, among the places you could visit there, Denver and Aspen stand out imposingly. This is probably because these two cities are considered the hub of all the great things you can do while in Colorado.

If we try to list down the attractions you can visit and the activities you can dabble in when you visit the Rocky Mountain State, we could be dealing with an endless inventory. Of course, food tripping, shopping, and museum hopping are staples every time you visit a new place. Hence, we would only discuss five things (apart from those previously mentioned) you can do while visiting Colorado.

1. Go skiing

Aspen happens to be surrounded by four world-class mountains within the area, which is why it boasts of the most diverse selection of terrain and on-snow experiences in Colorado. One of these mountains is Aspen Mountain, which was developed as a ski resort in the mid-20th century. Since then, Aspen has become sort of a playpen for the rich and famous. Aspen Mountain looms over the town of Aspen, with a top elevation of 11,215 feet and a vertical drop of 3,269 feet.

If you’re in for some serious skiing lessons (that is, if you’re not an expert yet), there are 76 trails waiting for you, depending on your skill level (beginner, intermediate, or expert). These trails are accessible through chair lifts or the cable car. Instructors are on standby to help beginners out, and throughout the ski resort, ski instructions and equipment rental are abundant.

2. Attend a concert or watch the opera

One of the icons that remain an integral part of Colorado’s history is The Wheeler Opera House, which is also in Aspen. It may have bowed to two fires in a span of one week in 1912, but since it was restored to its former grandeur in 1984, it has continued to be home to numerous events such as lectures, country and rock concerts, jazz concerts, Broadway shows, plays, films, and musicals. It would be a good idea to book your ticket as early as possible if you plan to catch a show as shows sell out very quickly.

3. Go exploring

Colorado has four national parks, but the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde deserve to be visited over and over again. The park offers guided tours, which is great especially if you want to learn more about the people who used to inhabit the more than 600 dwellings found in the park. Still, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could take off on your own and explore some of the archaeological sites that have been unearthed and marvel at the beauty of these.

You could also take a full-day tour of the Ute Mountain Tribal Park and learn about Ute history or study wall paintings and petroglyphs.

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4. Go River Rafting Colorado

There are four rivers across the central part of Colorado, all of which lead to the Arkansas River. You could take a leisurely float trip or, if you want to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush, get ready for a bumpy ride that only Class 5 rapids can give you. Colorado has many companies that offer rafting packages inclusive of steak lunches and cruises. However, if you really want to go the extreme route, try visiting Colorado in early May, just as the snow packs are melting. During this time, you can experience the wildest water rapids the Arkansas has ever seen.

5. Feed your mind

Colorado is not just about skiing, music, and dancing. There are awesome places you could visit if you want to feed your mind, and one of these is the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. There are weekly lecture series in the form of pictures, stories, and adventures presented by locals and visiting guests that would appeal to nature lovers. Most of the lectures start around seven in the evening, which gives you something meaningful to do after spending the day outdoors.

However, the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies also offer ski tours and snowshoe tours; thus, if you want to visit the place during daytime, you won’t lack for cool events and activities to enjoy.

There, we have just covered five things you can do while visiting Colorado. Be sure to ask your travel agent about the ideal months to visit the state so you could get the most out of your travel experience.

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