Booking a travel package is often the best option that a family of five would choose for a summer getaway. Travel packages or travel tours are not only convenient, they’re also less expensive but it doesn’t mean that what’s included are cheap hotels with cheap features. Most often than not they’re top rated hotels who partnered with certain airlines.

However, if one prefers to book accommodation and transport separately, there are many websites that offer booking for hotels at a cheaper price. You just need to compare to find one that suits your budget. One of such websites is It has a comprehensive list of hotels in a number of cities to choose from. As mentioned, cheaper doesn’t mean one with cheaper price and less features…it’s getting one you prefer at the most convenient price.

My travels explorer paris near disneyland, hotels, cheaper hotels
Reflection of “My Travels Explorer Hotel” – where we stayed at in Paris, part of a package deal.

When choosing  a hotel to stay at one has to consider the price, size, facilities, services offered and actual reviews of guests who’ve been there. All these are included on’s pages featuring hotels. Plus an instruction of how to get to the hotel of your choice via local transport and a bonus list of what are the nearest attraction or interesting places to visit in the area that the hotel’s at. And yes, a gallery of photos will help a traveler decide too, just in case. This is one website that will minimize you’re getting a hotel that’s not cramped, not with very little elevators and not very far from transit. Consider your options before booking that hotel on your next trip…having a comfortable and secure hotel is important too for you to enjoy your city stay.