Daydreaming of vacations and long weekends? You are not alone. A long weekend is a true gift from the vacation gods that allows us to escape the frenzy of everyday life. At least, that is how we feel about it! Whether you spend the week in an office hunched over a keyboard, at home managing the kids and bills, or working in the field, you deserve a long weekend just as much as the next person.

If you are a lover of the beach and all things sunny, look no further than Destin, Florida for your escape. Approximately 20,000 years ago, white quartz crystals washed down from the Appalachian Mountains, creating the iconic, crystalline beaches seen along this stretch of the Gulf Coast today. Boasting beautiful sugar sand beaches, emerald waves, and an endless array of beach activities, this coastal haven is a vacationer’s paradise.


Picture it. Never-ending expanses of pristine, white sand soft and warm beneath your bare feet. The brilliant Florida sun radiates across an endless ocean enhancing the already dazzling view. A soothing melody resonates as the water gently splashes against the shore. Your worries wash away with the retreating tide. The salty air emanates a peaceful and calm vibe, perfect for a long weekend of relaxation.

As if the pure bliss of soaking up the sun and burying your toes in the sand were not enough, Destin offers a plethora of beach, adventure, and restful activities to enrich your vacation. Rent a paddle board and experience the delight of floating along the serene Gulf waves. Hop on a bike, grab your friends and family, and discover miles of nearby nature trails. Explore the unique, underwater world armed with only a snorkel and a curious mind. Walk through the quintessential, community-oriented beach towns for a day of shopping and sight-seeing. Enjoy some much-needed relaxation time at your new favorite spa or eat your heart out at one of the many fine dining locales. Check out local event schedules so you do not miss out on the fun events and festivals unique to the area. Whether you prefer a quiet afternoon on the beach or a day filled with new adventures, there is no shortage of great activities in Destin.

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It is important to note that it is better to plan your long weekend in the spring or fall, as nearly all vacation rental properties on the Emerald Coast require a minimum week-long stay during the summer. Plus, you can bask in a gentler heat than during the sweltering summer months, while still enjoying everything Destin has to offer. However, if you must travel in the summer, Ariel Dunes I and II of Ocean Reef Resorts do provide shorter rental availability so that you may enjoy a long weekend during the hot summer months without committing to a full-week stay.

Ready to take a break and plan your long weekend getaway? Book your Destin vacation with Ocean Reef Resorts. With a team of reservation specialists by your side, you will enjoy a vacation rental that meets your needs and receive insider information on activities, events, and attractions that will make your long weekend one for the books!