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Month: November 2017

Savoring Sunny, Sophisticated Siena, Tuscany


The cold is sweeping the region and I feel like I could just wrap myself in a blanket whole day and sleep through until the sun shines brightly again. Well, there’s sunshine for a few hours but that doesn’t really equate to being warm. These days make me look back to the time that we went train-hopping Italian cities, despite the summer heat I enjoyed looking out the window, the lush green cascading down the hills, pine trees and vineyards with a single house in the middle looked as though paintings coming into real life. (see photo below)

Siena, the historic city, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, seems to be one I remember fondly. Those were lovely days spent going around the piazzas, admiring the museum displays, wine tasting, and even just idling at one of the more relaxing villas in Tuscany (see first photo) watching the clouds pass by. Read More