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Month: October 2013

What to pack for your summer holiday 2

What to pack for your summer holiday

  According to a recent survey, British holidaymakers spend an average of £26.50 on items that they forget to pack. This won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s been through the rigmarole of packing last minute for a holiday; the frantic checking, the increasingly maddening family members that start to resemble headless Read More

Chiang Mai: Thailand's Cultural Centre 4

Chiang Mai: Thailand’s Cultural Centre

  Chiang Mai is the cultural centre of Thailand, and although it may be over 13 hours away from Bangkok by train, it will be one of the best journeys you will ever make. Ploughing through the Thai countryside, from the small towns and villages to the bigger and more modern cities, there’s no better Read More

Travel hotspots in Northern Italy 6

Travel hotspots in Northern Italy

  Romance, great food, a true Italian welcome, olive oil and wines, and family values have drawn visitors to Northern Italy for centuries. With beautiful views aplenty, and value for money, it’s the perfect getaway for the whole family. In Venice, take a trip on a gondola down its world famous canals, and pass under Read More

Choosing the Right Hidden Camera for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Hidden Camera for Your Needs

If you’re looking for state of the art surveillance for your home or office, then spy gadgets are what you need. Spy gadgets are hidden cameras that are built into everyday objects like clock radios, iPod docking stations, teddy bears, and even bottled water. These devices allow home and business owners to monitor illicit activities of Read More