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Month: October 2012

Visiting Wales on a budget

Like many people these days, you might find it hard to pay for an expensive holiday away on an exotic island. This guide provided by the wonderful people over at Travel Maestro, goes through some of the cheap things to do in the UK. This guide will particularly focus on Wales, as there are so many Read More

Setting sail with the Mariner Of The Seas 3

Setting sail with the Mariner Of The Seas

Like most holiday destinations, you will never really know what to expect from the Mariner Of The Seas until you set foot on-board, unless of course you’ve been lucky enough to have set sail on the great Royal Caribbean vessel before. But that sense of venturing into the unknown is all part of the fun Read More

Postcard #24 - Aalen, Germany 5

Postcard #24 – Aalen, Germany

I received this postcard like half a year ago. ^_^ Been meaning to post this for the longest time but…many things in between happen, even meeting the sender of this postcard in a distant city. Aalen is a small city near Stuttgart, Germany. Honestly, I only came to know of it through Rachelle, a blogger Read More