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Month: April 2012

A perfect Welsh Holiday 2

A perfect Welsh Holiday

In London there is all that life can afford but in Wales there are all the castles that a history buff or a dedicated traveller can find. With so many activities, beautiful scenery to offer, booking one of the charming holiday cottages in Wales will be worth your while. Wales is just about 2 hours travel from London Read More

Postcard #20 – Tom Kha Gai , Thai dish

The cheapest way to travel to a certain city is through postcards…but the yummiest way is via food! So put these  together and you’re in for a wonderful adventure! I received this postcard from a friend in time for the leap year (Thanks sis!). (I know right, super late for the posting…) What better way Read More

1001 Places I'd Like to Visit Before I Die #13 - Sydney and Perth 4

1001 Places I’d Like to Visit Before I Die #13 – Sydney and Perth

^Vienna State Opera shot I took from the Albertina’s mezzanine. What charm do Opera houses have at night that enchants a photobuff? Just look at this photo and don’t tell me you don’t find them breathtaking. Above is Vienna’s State Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) glowing in gold at about 11 PM, took that shot when Read More

Summer Holidays, Head to Benidorm 6

Summer Holidays, Head to Benidorm

  Summer is almost here (on our part of the world) and booking one deal of the available cheap Benidorm holidays is something that I’ve been contemplating on. The famous Balcony of the Mediterrenean – atop the blueness of the sea has piqued my interest since I saw it featured at one of my favorite websites. Benidorm Read More

1001 Places I'd like to Visit Before I Die #12 - Iceland 9

1001 Places I’d like to Visit Before I Die #12 – Iceland

Remember the Mighty Ducks? It was one of the movies I watched a lot as a youngster and I particularly remember a scene about Coach Gordon Bombay eating ice cream with their opponent’s coach, conversation goes like: Coach Bombay: I thought Iceland was covered with ice. María: No, it’s very green! Coach Bombay: I thought Read More

Cheaper Hotels for your next vacation 12

Cheaper Hotels for your next vacation

Booking a travel package is often the best option that a family of five would choose for a summer getaway. Travel packages or travel tours are not only convenient, they’re also less expensive but it doesn’t mean that what’s included are cheap hotels with cheap features. Most often than not they’re top rated hotels who partnered with Read More

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