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Month: December 2011

Postcard #10 – Tricycle

These smiles are too familiar. It is from my home country after all. The tricycle is a symbol of our country as the jeepney is. It has come a long way – from being a 5-seat passenger trike to a vehicle that can hold a battalion! Kidding aside, we don’t tolerate riding a tricycle this Read More

Postcard #9 – Colors of the Burj Al Arab

Earlier on I wrote about Dubai as one of the places I’d like to visit before I die. In the post I included a photo of the Burj Al Arab that I borrowed from a friend. The photo was taken at noon and it looks awesome as it is. Little did I know that this Read More

Postcard #8 – Eureka Springs Train, Arkansas

One of the most popular tourist destination in Arkansas. Now, I am lucky to see this steam locomotive – delivered at home too!  I have a handful more of postcards received from Momi Jes, Thanks dear! This is my favorite from the set! Reminds me so much of  Back to the Future 3’s train. ^_^ Read More

Postcard #7 – Petronas Towers, Malaysia

I received this postcard, rather my son received this postcard some time ago. His first actually, he has long been requesting for one so when a mom blogger announced that she is sending postcards I quickly gave her our address with a request for it to be addressed to my son. Pictured here is the Petronas Towers. Read More

On Gold Exploration

— Remember this photo from last year? This is a restaurant in Tagaytay that we visited, not actually to eat but have a photoshoot of my brother and sis-in-law set to marry in a month then. Tagaytay, located partly in Cavite and partly in Batangas has truly evolved from a meek and wonderful town to Read More

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