Winter is on its way, which means time for nature to slow down but doesn’t mean your family has to as well! Here are some suggestions to have family fun and create new memories. Make sure the camera is charged and the memory stick has plenty of room so the moments can be captured and shared with friends and family.


Play In The Snow — Children adore the snow, and the bonus for adults is that playing along burns extra calories. Build snowmen or a snow family; make snow angels and snow forts; and go sledding or tubing on the nearest hill. The picture possibilities are endless.

Go Ice Skating — Many lakes and ponds freeze in winter, which means ice skating. If a frozen body of water is not readily available, many shopping malls offer temporary ice skating rinks during the holiday season. Some cities have permanent ice skating rinks for local hockey teams and offer open skate sessions. Have the camera ready for pictures worthy of holiday greeting cards.

Bring Out The Board Games — Family game night is a new fad in America, but when the cold weather is too bitter and families find themselves staying home, they can turn off the television and play board games any night of the week. Playing board games together is a lovely way to spend time and teach good sportsmanship to the children. Keep plenty of age-appropriate games on hand so everyone may participate. Serve favorite snacks and treats, and let the younger children capture moments with the camera.


bakingGet Your Craft On – Tons of craft products can be purchased in local craft stores and found around your home. Tablets of construction paper, safety scissors, tubes of glitter, glue sticks, bags of pom poms, feathers, buttons, sequins and rhinestones, and let them cut, glue and sparkle their masterpieces into existence. These creations make wonderful subjects for pictures, and grandparents are sure to treasure both the pictures and the finished projects.

Cook Together
— Winter is known for holidays, and holidays are known for food. Gathering the family in the kitchen for the testing of new recipes is a fun way to spend a weekend. Bake cookies, bars and cakes, or try a new and unusual ingredient for the first time. Play a family version of Iron Chef in which two teams create new ways of using a single ingredient. Floured and frosting faces make excellent photographs, so make sure the camera is ready.


No matter what a family decides to do for fun this winter, a camera should be readily available to capture every moment. Older children sometimes forget ways in which the family spent time together, so having photographs for them to see is a wonderful way to reminisce and remind them of funny things they did when they were little. Serve popcorn and hot chocolate, and while away the evening in the warmth.

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