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Month: September 2011

Italian Villas vs French Villas – How do they Compare?

Two European countries. Two famous locations. Two great cultures. A vacation can be tough to plan, so what’s the difference in a villa in one country as opposed to another? Let’s take a look. Certain regions of countries are particularly notable for villa travel. In Italy, the Tuscany region, with its heavy culture, is a Read More

Playmobil Food 2

Playmobil Food

For a Funpark as big as Playmobil, restaurants and eating joints are fun because they’ve integrated it in a playful environment as how the park is. The Burg café is castle inspired, following it’s name (Burg=castle). You can see Playmobil guards stationed up the walls as they would in real life castles of old. As Read More

Postcard #2 – Naga City, Camarines Sur

I received a postcard from MyGreenLivingIdeas Diva. Thanks sis! The postcard features the Penafrancia Festival which is celebrated yearly in Naga City, Camarines Sur. Although I am not Catholic, I appreciate the thought that my dear sender has for me and my family…cliche as it may, it’s the thought that truly counts. Thanks again sis, Read More

Booking at one of the best Victoria Hotels 5

Booking at one of the best Victoria Hotels

Not the prettiest photo but this is what I found from my older brother’s Facebook albums. They visited the royal BC Museum sometime ago and stayed at one of Victoria hotels in the area, I forgot to ask which. We’ve been contemplating on a Canada trip since the birth of my nephew. As I mentioned Read More

Dreaming Greek - 1001 Places I'd Like to Visit before I Die #1 7

Dreaming Greek – 1001 Places I’d Like to Visit before I Die #1

(photo by hubby) When you dream, they say, it is connected to your subconscious. Like the innermost feelings you have of things that you long wanted to do, people you wanted to see and other desires that you get conscious of when…well, asleep. If there are recurrent scenes, so to say in my dreams it Read More

Last minute deals 9

Last minute deals

We love last minute booking deals. It’s so spontaneous adding thrill to our already anticipated travel. More often than not we would get our wanted seats and hotel but it could be frustrating if not. Take for example our Paris trip with the kids. It was one of the remaining late deals that we booked when hubby Read More

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