When going on a long-awaited holiday, the least you’d think of is that something bad may happen or anything may go wrong. But statistics would prove that there are a lot of injuries involving tourists and even more are getting hospitalized. Imagine saving up and getting off from work for a 5-day vacation with your family in Paris. You’ve planned the day trips, what you would see and eat, you reserved tickets for the Louvre, a bus-ride for the whole week but in the middle of it all you suddenly got sick. 🙁 You weren’t able to enjoy the rest of the trip because you had to stay at the hospital. And no, being hospitalized isn’t so cheap abroad. Your lovely getaway just turned to one expensive holiday. That’s why you regret not  having to  avail travel insurance offered by Gateway insurance.

avenue gustave, eiffel tower
Don’t miss out Avenue Gustave Eiffel on your Paris trip.

Time and again you’ve read the importance of getting a travel insurance and a travel medical insurance. Before deciding to get one, you have to go through your existing insurance policies that may cover travel or is better than what you’re looking at. For example, a travel insurance may cover rental vehicle excess that’s much cheaper than what car hire companies have to offer.

Remember that it’s not only about medical issues here. If and hopefully this doesn’t happen, your luggage got lost or when your money was taken (robbed) or the hotel you were staying at wasn’t so secure at all and some of your belongings got lost, a safety net, albeit spent for will save you dollars and unwanted (?!) headache.