How not to get bored while on board

When traveling for hours in a car or in a train, kids will surely get bored. It’s  a different thing with planes, they somehow have a lot to do there.

It is surely more convenient to travel by car but not for the one who will drive. ^_^ This is why trains are a better option for cities that can be reached within 5 hours at most.

Here are some things we do and bring when going on long travels.

 Bring a book and read it (of course).

 This goes not just for adults but for kids as well. I make the kids bring a book even if we’re just traveling for an hour – to another district.


Bring knick-knacks and whatnots.


Aside from sandwiches or if you prefer obentou, knick-knacks are good to munch on while journeying. Kids love peanuts, chips, mini-pretzels and biscuits. Aside from water we allow them to have iced tea – a treat since they drink mostly water at home.

European trains are very convenient. The toilets are within both ends of the wagon so it’s not a problem going there.


Let them color or do some school work. 

When we go away on a weekend, the kids sometimes have their homework undone if we are to leave on a Friday afternoon and be back on Sunday afternoon. What we do is make them bring their books, to finish required reading or do math assignments. Makes the tasks less and they get to enjoy the 2 days out in a different city.

Since trains have mini-tables – it could be the perfect spot for making them. ^_^

Video games, ipod, movies

This is what my boys would look out for. I limit their use of gadgets. So when we’re out they know that they’d be allowed to play for the duration of the travel…well, most often than  not they sleep so it takes about only an hour of playing.

As for hubby and I, we see to it that we’ve enough tv shows or movies saved on our lappy.


Travel Neck Pillows

These pillows make sleeping while seating more comfortable and less risky for the neck or eliminating pain. And yes, when you get tired of five-hour-travel, one can always sleep, just be sure your baggage is safely tucked or locked somewhere.

  Camera for Drive By Shooting

I sometimes think the camera is a part of my body, I just can’t help but click. Going on trips is the best time to shoot fields and other interesting stuff you don’t normally see everyday. A mountain range, barrels rolled at the field makes for great landscape shots. Visit my drive by blog to see some…