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Winter or Summer, Vail is the Perfect Getaway Village for You

By on June 24, 2013


Sometimes, the less visited places are the most worth it – probably because there are very few features on them. One of the most enchanting vacation destinations would be Vail Village in Colorado.  Elevated 8,150 feet (2484 m) above sea level, it is mostly known as a ski resort that an Academy with a joint program with area ski programs for students in grades 8–12 who are involved in competitive skiing and snowboarding has been established.

Beautiful winter blue hour

But, when snow melts what would be of a ski resort then? It is also the perfect spot for vacation, with its cool breeze and fun summer activities. Some of the most popular things to do in Vail are as follows.

Eating. Whether you like Spanish cuisine or Italian, you’d find the freshest of them served in a restaurant in Vail. There’s be fish of the season too, grilled beautifully but if you fancy pizza, freshly baked from the oven, it will be given you. Lamb, pork, chicken, pick a dish and go with the best wine to pair it with, it’s an awesome foodie experience.

Outdoor sports and competitions. Golfing, hiking, tennis, trail running, rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing – pick one and you’ll definitely find one that you’ll love doing if you don’t already have. Compete for the fun of it and after all your vacation, go home with a new found confidence.

Concerts, Festivals, Culture. Vail Ski Resort’s first season was in 1962 – then and now there have been so many things worth remembering that a museum has been established to record every notable event, it’s free so ski fans will definitely find the museum a delight.

Concerts and Music festivals happen like every night..ok, night every night but very often that you will probably come back from this vacation singing your lungs out.

Whatever activity makes you tick, it’s something you are to find in Vail, if not, you’d definitely enjoy a bunch more. Have a fun summer!

gore creek, vail
Gore Creek Drive in Vail Village in Summer

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6 Best Biking Holiday Destinations

By on April 5, 2013


Biking is becoming a more frequently used way from getting from A to B and not to mention the Tour de France coming to the UK, it’s no surprise that biking holidays are in high demand. There are so many choices and different destinations you can go it could become hard to make a choice, so i’ll narrow down the best road and off road cycling holidays.

Quantocks – image via

Quantock – UK (Off-Road)

This route overlooks the Bristol Channel where you have a fantastic view over Wales. On the trip you get to climb up Quantock Combe’s wooded single track, which opens out onto the moors. If speeds more your style there’s a massive single track descent bringing you the excitement you may crave, at the end of the route there is a Rose and Crown inn where they serve quality real ales, which is perfect after a tiring days biking.

Lake Districts – UK (Off Road)

Stunning views of the Pennines and the Lake District whilst getting a qualified guide to assist your trip on the trail and make the best possible experience for you. There are perfect trails for first time mountain bikers to improve and become more confident as well as tricky descents, its a holiday for anyone to enjoy. If all that biking tires you out there is Jennings Pub located on the route that serves hot food and cold drinks perfect for a nice rest bite.

Chilterns – UK (Road)

A casual cycle through the lovely Chiltern hills across miles and miles of quiet rural roads with delightful village greens perfect for picnics with the family or friends. Along the route there are all sorts of different hills in many different atmospheres, discover the joys of lightweight road biking on this holiday. As if all that isn’t enough there is a 16th century Red Lion inn perfect for a refreshing beverage after your long day of road cycling.

Loire Valley – France (Road)

An easy paced ride with rest days across a magnificent route of france, passing through the famous villages of Azay-le-Rideau, Villandry and Usse whilst enjoying all their famous wine vineyards across the route. This unique opportunity is not one to be passed up with all the beautiful historic sights to enjoy, A great holiday to be enjoyed by the whole family with the range of children from the age of two.

Catalan Coastal Cycling – Spain (On & Off Road)

If sun drenched villages, wide sandy beaches and beautiful bays are for you then this holiday is perfect. Quiet roads perfect for first time cyclist to enjoy the road without being nervous, with the lovely sea breeze it isn’t too hot to cope as you bike across the landscape passing high quality hotels and luxury castles on the way.

image via

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All You Need to Know about Cancun’s All-Inclusive Resorts

By on March 27, 2013


Are you thinking of taking a trip out to Cancun for your summer holiday? If not – you should be! Cancun, also known as the nest of snakes, is a popular tourist destination all year round, and for good reason: the beautiful golden sands lend themselves well to holiday makers who like sun, sea, and relaxation, while the incredible ruins of the ancient Mayan civilisation are truly awe-inspiring, whether you’re a history buff or not.

The best way to experience the joys of Cancun is by staying in an all-inclusive resort – this way, you get everything taken care of, from authentic Mexican cuisine to the very best in tropical cocktails.


What Makes Cancun Different?

Going to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun will be an experience unlike going to a similar resort somewhere else – because Cancun is neatly placed between the United States and the continent of South America, the people you encounter will be staggeringly diverse, meaning that you’ll get to meet and make friends with people from all over the globe.

Cancun attracts a wide range of travellers – if you like to drink and to party, you may have heard that it’s a popular destination for Spring Breakers: American college students descend on the city over the Easter holidays for some drunken revelry. If that sounds appealing to you, just look at the dates for Spring Break and fly on over then to have a really wild time!

If you would prefer to have an interesting and relaxing break; say, drinking cocktails in the sun, scuba diving down to an underwater art gallery (yes, this really exists!), or exploring ancient ruins, we’d suggest coming in the British summer, which is the Mexican winter. The reason for this is simple – the weather is amazing and tourist season is in full swing. Coming in the Mexican summer will leave you ravaged by hurricanes. Visit World Weather Online for a full breakdown of the typical weather in Cancun.

Why Go All-Inclusive?

Whether you choose to budget and fly with or go all out and book a luxury cruise, an all-inclusive resort is simply the best place to stay. For a start, most of the most luxurious places are part of all-inclusive resorts, and you’ll find that they often come with their own private stretches of golden sands or scuba diving spots.

A number of the most famous outdoor markets happen to take place within walking distance of the Hotel District, meaning that you won’t have to travel far to experience the delectable street food or get some amazing bargains! Whether you want some kitschy souvenirs like custom tequila shot glasses or you’re after some authentic fashion items – such as huipiles and huaraches – the markets are the place to go.

Often, your all-inclusive resort will offer you a range of facilities and activities, in addition to the free-flowing food and booze. These may include great things to do like a bunch of different water sports, or even guided tours around the Yucatan Peninsula. Ask around before you book to find the one which best caters to your tastes!

Cancun Mexico
image via

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Travel Tips for March Break

By on March 4, 2013


That time passes by is true and something we can’t escape. Even if we want to stay in a certain moment longer, it’s just not possible – unless of course you find the magic nut that will take you back in time as you please.

So March is here and spring is coming – and there’s spring break. What have you planned to do for the week-long (or more) vacation? We plan to visit Berlin, it’s just close so 3 to 4 days would be really fine. If you haven’t decided yet and if tickets and accommodation are still available, here’s some travel tips for March break for you (although they are actually my personal picks).

Around Asia

Spring break is the best time to visit Japan. Do Hanami (flower viewing) and watch hanabi (fireworks) on display. Sakura (cherry blossoms) bloom around March to May and it is Japanese tradition to view them during this season. While you’re at it, join a hanami party and eat bento under one of them mesmerizing cherry tree in full bloom.

under cherry trees (image via

Not being biased but March is a great time to visit the beaches of the Philippines as well. Beaches in Palawan, Boracay and Puerto Galera are the more obvious choices but Laiya in Batangas is fast becoming the new tourist destination. What with its whites sand beaches too and unadulterated blue waters, it’s a paradise worth going for a long travel to.

And yes, Panglao in Bohol, Bantayan Island in Cebu, Samal in Davao and Camiguin (no matter where) should not be off the list. But, I personally would love to experience a dive at the UNESCO World heritage site; the Tubbataha reef. And perfect too since it is most easiest to go there from mid-March to mid-June.

laiya, batangas
Acuatico Resort, Laiya, Batangas image via

In the U.S.

Washington D.C.’s national flower would also be cherry blossoms. Every year, on March 27, the city commemorates the friendship between Japan and the US with a festival very similar to hanami.  Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo donated cherry trees in 1912 to the US government on that day. Today, the event gathers photographers and enthusiasts all over the world for a view of thousands of blossoming cherry trees with either the Lincoln Memorial or the Washington monument and the Potomac river at the background. It’s the best time to get the chance to visit the White House, rather, get a good view of the lovely architecture, if you’re still into it, probably see America’s first black president.


annual cherry blossom festival, Washington, D.C.
image via

Orlando and  Palm Springs, Florida; San Francisco and San Diego in California; Las Vegas, Nevada and Houston, Texas are some of my other choices. Definitely warm in those regions by March.

Somewhere in South America

Another World Heritage sight worth visiting come March is Peru’s Macchu Picchu. Well, it’s for history buffs like me and probably second only to the fact that a close friend of mine is from Peru. I would love to visit her hometown of Lima and explore the ancient site and practice my very little knowledge of Spanish, somehow.

ruins seen from Huayna Picchu

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Paraguay…ahhmmm basically all the cities down south are on my list… 😀 Just can’t get Peru off the top of the list!

Enjoying Europe

Paris, France; Venice in Italy, London in the UK, and any of Spain’s enchanting city would surely be the first picks but why not try any of Greece’s lovely islands first?

Mykonos, Crete, Corfu, Santorini and of course, had the strikes subsided, Athens are great choices. It doesn’t matter where, it just matters that it’s anywhere in Greece.

image via

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To Travel Around the World

By on January 17, 2013


Coupon codes have become so diverse, there’s almost always something you can use to get a discount when buying stuff – both online and reel. You can definitely cut the cost of almost everything with voucher codes. I mean, basically everything from clothing to food, infant products to adult needs, household essentials, skin beauty treatment and even tickets – not limited to plays and cinemas. But it is all the more riveting if you get discount codes for travel-related stuff. Like getting 50% off the usual rent on selected hotels or saving up more than 30% off your plane ticket and hotel stay yet enjoying the same services and niceties when you book at other travel agencies.

The Well Stickered Suitcase
The Well Stickered Suitcase by

Wouldn’t it be nice (or awesome) to have your luggage well-stickered, each like a stamp representing the cities you visited -plastered on it? Well, that’s not far from becoming reality. With  many a coupons, online deals and discount travel packages offered by sites such as MyVoucherCodes, you can fulfill that dream of becoming a globe-trotter lugging your suitcase full of them stickers.

MyVoucherCodes’ Worldwide Flight offers starting at £80 or less via Expedia is your ticket to seeing your dream cities. And where would you be starting off?

gondola venice street
I would love to go back!

How about Venice, Prague and Vienna?

Walk along the cobblestones of any of these three cities, have either Tramezzini along the Grand Canal, Apfelstrudel by the Danube river or Knedlíky by the Vltava river.

In Venice, ride a gondola and visit the St.Mark’s Basilica and the Piazza de San Marco. Don’t forget to buy some Murano glasses for souvenirs. In Vienna, visit the Habsburg’s castles Schönbrunn and Hofburg and walk/sing along Mozart and Strauss into a waltz. Tread the famous Charles Bridge in Prague and snap as many photos as you can just when the sun is setting.

And of course, don’t forget to buy your souvenir stickers for your luggage! 😉

Savor the history and sights in these cities with the thought that you’d be on your next city of adventure soon enough! Travelling, as you know, could be expensive but with a some research here and there, you can get a really good deal that will save you lots thus, giving you more to spend on another trip. So start planning now and head to your dream city soon! ^_^


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On Your Travel Checklist

By on December 11, 2012
Mykonos greece
Mykonos, Greece (photo via pinterest)

Travelling is supposed to give you a relaxing time and a vital breakaway from the routine that you’ve been used to. Like breaking the monotony you’ve had for months of working endless spreadsheets or word documents or having unending talks with different clients. But, travelling itself could be a miss if you don’t get to prepare ahead for. Here are some of the few things you should consider before booking that ticket, boarding that plane or diving into that infinity pool and what you should do to enjoy.

1. Consider the season. Before you book make sure that the season you’re going for is actually a good time for you. If you enjoy the smell of dried leaves; book autumn, if you’d like to enjoy hot chocolate when it’s chilly, ice skate or ski; book winter. Never go in spring if you have pollen allergies and of course, if you love the beach; book summer!

2. Read Traveller Reviews. To decide on where to go, which hotel to stay, which restaurant to eat and what things to do in a particular city, consider reviews and recommendations from frequent travellers. The internet is loaded with so much information now…head over to one of those sites where users can rate a hotel, restaurant and such and start from there. It is always best to plan ahead, especially your itinerary.

3. Compare Fares.

4. Buy Insurance. It’s extra money to pay, alright, but it will benefit you in the end. You’ll never know what’s gonna happen so better be secured than sorry. Bring medicine, especially if you have

3. Pack Light. Don’t doom yourself by packing the night before you leave. Plan your itinerary and determine- better list down what you will need for the span of your travel. The goal is to have one bag….just one! Unless of course if you’re travelling with a family of five! As much as shoes are concerned, bring just one extra…not five! (You can always buy anyway). Remember, if you’re going for the cold, it’s better to layer up than bring bulky jackets.

4. Currency. You may or may not be aware of it, but traveling with a large stash of cash in your possession puts you right under the noses of airport and immigration authorities. Of course, you might reason that money is very important when one travels. That is a given. Nevertheless, the Transportation Security Administration or TSA is wary of people who travel with loads of cash given the fact that this could pose security problems or may be an indication of criminal activity. The best thing to do, then, is to carry a reasonable amount of money with you that you can exchange for the currency of the country you’re visiting. Travelex is a trusted name when it comes to foreign currency exchange and they have satellite booths found in most airports all over the world. It would also be a good idea to have your ATM with you so you wouldn’t have any problems getting more cash to exchange. These options are better than risk traveling with a large amount of money in your hands.

5. Take photos. Traveling without a camera is like braving a storm without an umbrella – it’s simply illogical. When you travel to a country, your ultimate goal is to savor the place and create memories that you could cherish for the rest of your life. This is especially true if you’re traveling with a special someone. Therefore, make sure to take photos, lots of them! Here are some useful tips to help you immortalize travel memories the best way possible:

Make sure you take pictures of signage. It could be the price of a bunch of flowers written in the local language, creative store signs, or even street signs. That way, you give your photos a sense of belonging. Besides, it’s a good way to remind you exactly where the photo was taken.
Take pictures and make sure people are included in the frames. The best subjects are locals (take note; locals and not fellow tourists) who are going about their daily routines. If there’s one thing that’s bound to make your pictures interesting, it is the human element.

Try to create photo story through the pictures you take. If possible, avoid taking a group shot with a historical edifice at the background. If you can’t resist it, take a picture of the edifice on its own. Let its beauty flourish.
Pick a theme for your photos.

Most importantly, try to tell a story through the pictures you take.

6. Buy souvenirs. Just like photographs, souvenirs can tell a lot about a trip you just came from. Sadly, some people spend money on souvenirs that they eventually throw away. A case in point is a ball pen shaped like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Its ink would ultimately dry up, leaving you with no choice but to throw it when you finally do some spring cleaning. When buying souvenirs, ask yourself why you want to buy these in the first place. You’d be surprised at the different reasons you might come up with. Needless to say, make sure the souvenirs you’re buying are practical (a t-shirt, perhaps?), small (you wouldn’t want these to take up much space in your luggage), and if possible, educational (something that tells a lot of things about the place you visited).

Astypalea, Greece

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Cruising with Codes

By on November 27, 2012


It’s so convenient to get bargain deals nowadays. I just love how the internet has everything I need and want. Discounted products from diapers, food, household consumables, apparel, furniture, and even hard-to-find items like antiques can be found in various web catalogs and online retailers. I scour these websites regularly to get the best deals.

Instead of just bookmarking specific online retail sites, I also turn to coupon websites and deal sites. These sites keep me updated on the latest discounts and voucher codes available. A lot of the coupons on these sites have been shared by other shoppers like me who have proven that the deals are not bogus – there are even voucher websites that reward shoppers who share their coupon finds on the site.

voucher codes

When you are looking for voucher code websites that offer bargain deals, you have to make sure that the sites that you sign up with are legitimate. There are a lot of scams online and we all have to protect ourselves as we look for ways to save on discounted products. One key point to keep in mind is that you should not have to pay to sign up on these sites. You should also not be obligated in any way to use any of the vouchers offered. You should have the option to choose which voucher codes you want and to use these codes whenever you want – within the expiry period, of course.

One great deal that caught my eye is the one for cruises. There are a lot of events already scheduled for the holidays and it will be difficult to schedule several days of vacation. It’s a good thing that there are P&O voucher codes that can be used for mini cruises. We haven’t yet decided on which cruise to take but it has been a plan laid out long ago, we definitely would love to consider these P&O voucher codes to save money on our quick getaway from the city. You might want to check out these websites too for savings on your purchases this season and beyond.


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How To Successfully do 48-Hours in New York

By on November 22, 2012


Of course the attraction of the US city of New York is familiar to most of us but there is so much to see and do here you are never going to fit it all in. Therefore some prioritizing should be considered.

central park, new york
Central Park – photo by sis-in-law

Getting in and Around
The first point is to get your travel arrangements and travel insurance worked out. The best way in is by air and you will be required to catch a flight to the city’s main airport — JFK International. The airport however, is some 20 kilometres from the hub of Lower Manhattan and taking the AirTrain from the JFK to the Beach Subway Station will be the next step. From here you can take the A-Train to Manhattan. The alternative is taking a taxi but this will cost considerably more.

Next, you may want to make a quick visit to the main tourist office which is situated at 810 7th Avenue. Here you would do well to pick up a New York pass, which will get you into many of the top attractions in addition to giving you several dining discounts.


What Not to Miss
As noted above, there are a massive number of top attractions in the city — too many in fact to see them all, but there are certainly a few attractions which simply have to be included in your itinerary.

The Statue of Liberty
The first has to be what is probably the most famous icon in the city if not the whole country; the Statue of Liberty. Standing at a massive 305 feet in height, if you include the pedestal, this famous symbol of democracy, freedom and independence is a spectacular sight and should not be missed. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the public are no longer allowed to go up to the top but the pedestal is always open for visitors on a daily basis from 9.30 am to 5 in the afternoon.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Another must see is this, one of the largest art galleries in the world, which is often simply known as the ‘Met’. Located at 1000 5th Avenue on 82nd Street the Met is home to over 2 million artworks which includes both contemporary pieces in addition to some of the finest examples of classical, Egyptian, Asian and Byzantine art in the world. Open from Tuesday to Sunday the gallery does have an entrance fee but payment with credit cards is welcome.

Central Park
At over 843 acres Central Park is one of the largest and probably the most famous parks in the world. Set between 5th Avenue and Central Park West the park includes facilities for rock climbing and other sporting activities in addition to being a great place to take a stroll, something that more than 20 million people are estimated to do each year. Furthermore, the Public Theater and the variety of sculptures that populate the park are also worth a look. The park is open every day between 6 am and 1 am.

The Empire State Building
Finally a visit to the Big Apple will never be complete without seeing what was for 40 years the tallest building in the world and still remains the most famous skyscraper ever; the Empire State Building. Climbing up to the 86th floor allows you to enjoy the best views of the city. The building is located at 350 5th Avenue.

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The Bars You Cannot Afford To Miss In Corfu

By on November 20, 2012
breathtaking view

It was once a magnet for European royalty and aristocrats, but now the second largest Greek island of Corfu is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Europe. The sun, sea and sand bring people flocking to the island, but they stay and keep coming back for the nightlife.

Corfu attracts a lot of holidaymakers taking advantage of some of the best cruise deals currently on offer, but what to do once you are on the island? There is so much choice, it’s hard to pick where to go, so here is a guide to some of the best bars, pubs and clubs in Corfu Town and on the island itself.

Drink in the Atmosphere

In Corfu Town, the cafes and bars on the Promenade and at the northern end of Splianda Square are open from early morning to late in the evening. There are also bars and cafes on most of the major roads running through Corfu Town and there are several flashy discos past the New Port targeted at groups of young tourists. Several nightclubs are also open along the northern coast running up to the beach resort of Gouvia. A few miles out of Corfu Town is a casino that has been known to attract members of the international jet set in high season.

Can’t wait for the nightlife to start? The Akron beach bar in Paleokastritsa is set right on the beach at Agia Triade. Laid back with stunning sea views and surrounded by lush vegetation, it’s an ideal place for a relaxing day on the beach with the added attraction of a small children’s playground to keep any youngsters entertained whilst you soak up the atmosphere. The restaurant offers a selection of Greek speciality dishes served in the outdoors among olive and lemon trees and grapevines. They also have a range of sophisticated cocktails.

corfu night
photo courtesy of the

Dance the Night Away

If cocktails are your thing, the Sonic Cocktail Bar on the main street in Acharavi has some of the best in Corfu. Open seven nights a week, early evening until late, it has a party atmosphere and a DJ playing the latest dance hits. DiZi Bar, 200km from the beach in Corfu Town is a favourite bar with locals as well as tourists and hosts Saturday and Sunday night theme parties whilst serving affordable drinks.
The Kavos Summer Club is another attraction for music lovers who enjoy a party atmosphere; it also boasts spectacular views of the beaches and forests surrounding Kavos, whilst Mount Pellion is a dramatic backdrop. B52, on the beachfront in central Ipsos, is one of the most famous bars on the island. It organises events every week during the season from beach parties to techno raves to karaoke evenings and has an outdoor as well as an indoor dance floor.

If your music tastes are a little more discerning, the Lucciola Bio Bistro Bar in the small hamlet of Tzavros, 12km from Corfu Town, is a restaurant and venue for live bands, mostly rock or blues, that play in the summer in the restaurant’s tiered garden. The Cafe Bristol in Corfu Town’s old town boasts standing room only after 7pm with people drawn by its quirky decor and range of jazz, funk and Greek music.

akron beach bar
Akron Beach Bar

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6 Tips To Make Your Family Road Trip Stress-Free and Fun

By on November 18, 2012


Whether on a day out or on holiday, road trips with the family can be stressful at the best of times. For those who are planning a road trip, here are six top tips that will not only ease some of the stress of the trip, but should also help to guarantee plenty of fun along the way.

Provide Plenty of Entertainment

Make sure that there are plenty of books and games for the kids. Small games consoles are also popular and can keep young minds entertained for hours. Put some of the family’s favourite CDs on the stereo or mp3 player so that everyone can sing along, or even listen to audiobooks, which are available to download or from the local library.

Stock Up on Snack Essentials

Being hungry can make anyone irritated, particularly younger members of the family. Remember to pack bottles of water or juice in the front of the car, along with healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit and cereal bars. Avoid snacks that are high in processed sugar and additives and also avoid drinks that contain caffeine. Not only will caffeine increase the energy and anxiety levels of those in the car, it also acts as a diuretic, meaning more toilet stops.


car safety car insurance
staying safe, tucking up my little boy

Avoid Speeding and Rush Hour
There is often a temptation to speed in order to reach the destination earlier. Reducing the average speed from 70mph to 60mph, however, will increase a 40-mile journey by less than six minutes, so the reward for driving faster is negligible in many cases. Driving slower will also help to save fuel, reduce the impact and therefore severity of an accident and help keep stress levels down.

Plan the Road Trip

Plan the trip carefully. Whether planning long journeys or family days out UK destinations are relatively easy to reach, but mistakes can still cause significant delays. Make sure that you prepare a detailed route/itinerary that avoids known bottlenecks and use the internet to check for ongoing roadworks. For those who are planning on using a sat nav, check the route online or with a map book beforehand, as sat navs can be unreliable, particularly in rural areas. For those who are using a map book, make sure that directions are printed or written clearly beforehand and that the navigator can also read them. Start between rush hours where possible and leave home with plenty of time to spare. Being prepared for delays on the road can help prevent anxiety and stress.

Carry Out Basic Car Checks

Keeping any car maintained and serviced throughout the year is important, but before a road trip, some simple checks can help reduce the odds of a breakdown. Check that tyres are in good condition, are inflated to the correct pressure and have tread above the legal requirement. Check that there is enough oil, top up the washer bottle and check levels of antifreeze and other liquids. Make sure that the wiper blades work properly and are free from grease. If they are greasy, use a little lemon juice or vinegar to clean them. Also make sure that the air-con and heaters are working in the car, as comfort is important for everyone.

These six tips will help to reduce the risk of breakdown or an accident on a road trip, keep everyone in the car calm and, perhaps most important, ensure that the kids are entertained, allowing the driver to concentrate on the driving.

This is a guest post written and contributed by Zoe, a British blogger who is currently writing on behalf of Knowsley Safari Experience.


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