Hotel Comforts for the Best Vacation

By on October 16, 2016


Whether you are staying overnight for a staycation or having a week-long vacation, you want to expect nothing less than the kind of accommodations that will make your stay truly worthwhile.  Your checklist of hotel must-haves would differ from one person to another.  It essentially depends on the kind of vacation you are planning to have.  If you do not want all the stuffiness of deluxe five-star hotels, you would no doubt find a smaller hotel in the countryside to be more comfortable.

 Novotel Bologna Fiera
our room at Novotel Bologna Fiera

Regardless of your preferences, here are some of the hotel amenities you might want to check out so you can have the vacation that you are looking for:

1. In-room amenities. The standard hotel room would have air conditioning, a comfy mattress with pillows and beddings, and a desk.  In most modern hotels, the standard rooms come with a phone, a television, and a bathroom with hot and cold water.  If you want extra pampering when you get back to your hotel room, you might want to choose one that has a bathroom with a bath tub or perhaps even a Jacuzzi.

2.  Services. Next to the rooms, the hotel staff and the kind of services that they offer are the ones that make your hotel stay more comfortable.  Room cleaning and wake-up call services are part of the standard package.  Other services like laundry, pressing, and shoe shine are also available in most full-staffed hotels.  For those who are out to explore, there are also tour services as well as transportation services in most hotels.   Food services are also important, although most people would simply look for a good breakfast buffet.  Room service and food delivery give vacationers the option to eat right in their own room if they are looking for some privacy or simply do not want to dress up to dine at the hotel’s restaurant.

3.  Facilities and activities. The advantage of staying in hotels is that there are already facilities and venues right in the hotel where you can have fun.  Among those that you can find in most hotels are gyms, swimming pools, and a souvenir shop.  The bigger resort hotels would also have recreation centers with various activities for vacationers of all ages.  Groups and families out to have quality bonding time would find these facilities comfortable and convenient to have all under one roof so they don’t have to spend time or money for transportation.


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Frugal Travel Tips

By on July 11, 2013


Going on holiday is one of the most expensive activities you’ll undertake all year. This is why you need to be aware of some of the best ways to save money both in the booking and the actual experience.

Hotels don’t always offer the best value for the modern traveller and you need to be aware of sites that offer Apartment Rental. Accommodation can range from the most basic room only type dwellings to the height of luxury, and if you’re after prime locations, there are few better options.

frugal travel tips
image via

Set a limit on your spending money; just like you might at the iphone casino. Use public transport where you know it’s safe or early enough to do so. It gets you acquainted with the geography of your host city and allows you much more scope for travel, whilst at the same time cutting taxi fares. Putting the foot miles in and using a good map – essential – are also good ways of cutting costs and familiarising yourself with the terrain.

If you’re going abroad, you really need to be aware of things like the best currency exchange rates. You can make a surprising amount of money in the exchange, if the rates you find are a few cents better value.

You also need to be able to work out currency conversions in your head quickly to extract the best consumer value; use simple formulas by rounding exchange rates up or down ever so slightly.  Those familiar with the casino and online casino may well have the mathematical savvy to this fairly efficiently.
Hotels in casino haunts like Vegas can be super costly – an expense which doesn’t apply to the more accessible online casino.  This is why you need to be aware of the latest apartment booking resources.


The Paris Casino is one of the more popular casinos found in the city. As one can guess from the name, a Parisian influence is definitely noticeable with this casino. In fact, replicas of many notable landmarks can be found. One of the most iconic symbols of Paris is the breathtaking Eiffel Tower which is included among these landmarks in Vegas. Smaller versions of both the Arche De Triomphe and La Fontaine des Mers can also be seen when visiting the Paris Casino. With 85,000 square feet of gaming space, the Paris Casino offers a wide array of casino games. For instance, players can find craps, roulette, blackjack and poker here. Also, over 2200 slot and video poker machines are found on the gaming floor. The video poker machines are sometimes preferred over the slots as they have better payout odds.

The Mirage is another one of the more popular casinos located within Las Vegas. Found on the strip, the Mirage offers extensive gambling within a pleasing setting. Table games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette and big six can be found here. The Mirage offers quite a variety in regards poker games, some of which can be found at an iphone casino. Expect to find variations like crazy 4, Pai Gow, Let it Ride, 3 card, Texas Hold ‘Em and Mississippi Stud. Visitors to the Mirage will want to also be sure to visit the marine aquarium that is built in the lobby. In this mammoth tank, thousands of saltwater fish can be found.

In an apartment you wont have the luxury of casino games right at your finger tips, or all the fancy stuff you see in a hotel, however you have the ability to cook your own meals which can be worth a serious amount of money; especially if you’re located in a city centre or tourist hotspot.  Treat yourself to a meal out one day, and then dine in the next. Doling out money for food and drinks can be relentless on holiday and this is where most of your cash goes.  A hotel room doesn’t always provide such a welcoming environment as a nicely adorned comfortable apartment with genuine living quarters.

frugal travel tips
At a Castle in Budapest, a memorable trip

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Accommodation | Africa

Bickley Terraces at Cape Town

By on May 12, 2012
Bickley Terraces Cape Town
Bickley Terraces Cape Town

Following a  feature on one of the 1001 places would be this Bickley House – Cape Town accommodation for anyone planning to get down and enjoy the lovely coast.

It is best to stay at least 5-7 days in Cape Town and to experience that wonderful holiday you’ve been planning, book your stay at a place you’re sure to love. The Bickley house/terraces is a popular lodging for tourists in Cape Town. It has been there for ages which makes it a favorite among frequent visitors. The granite stone walls make it colder in the summers and warmer in winter…no need to pay for extra heating and/or air conditioned rooms. From the terraces, a lovely view of the sea will enchant you.

 The Bickley house is perfect for those with kids too, a pool is in the compound so you can just let them dip in when you’re not so eager to go to the beach. But the site is very near the beach if you want to go skinny dipping and is very near the shopping area.

There’s 24-hour-security service available which means you can sleep without worry and though this won’t mean that the area is unsafe, it is still better to have extra precaution.

As in other places, accommodation is as important as the destination. One can never enjoy a one-week vacation if the place to stay at won’t be as comfortable. Always consult reviews, website featuring testimonials from guests are best to consider. Read and compare before booking.

Cape Town Waterfront Night
Waterfront at night, photo via

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Accommodation | England | Welsh

A perfect Welsh Holiday

By on April 22, 2012

In London there is all that life can afford but in Wales there are all the castles that a history buff or a dedicated traveller can find. With so many activities, beautiful scenery to offer, booking one of the charming holiday cottages in Wales will be worth your while. Wales is just about 2 hours travel from London and its rich, fresh and lush landscape would be an escape from the usual hustle and bustle of the city.

Wales is known for many things and one of which would be the rain that has shaped the hilly countryside and carved the vast amount of valleys. There are also a lot of lakes that have become a basin for the downpours and which has kept the surrounding beautiful green while the beaches pristine.  There are hundreds of reasons why Wales is as a good travel destination as all parts of the United Kingdom are – England, Scotland and Ireland and here are some that might convince you to visit Wales.

caerphilly castle
Caerphilly castle, the biggest in Wales.

1. Visit one of the still-standing 100 castles in Wales. There were about 400 castles (about 100 still standing) in Wales making it rightful to be called the Castle Capital of the World. For example the Caerphilly castle which is considered the biggest castle in Wales and second to Windsor in the whole of Britain.

See the historical castles, churches and other medieval architecture that has comprised Wales that it is today.

2. Experience the only public rack and pinion railway in the United Kingdom, the Snowdon Mountain Railway (SMR) (Welsh: Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa) and see nature’s best work as you go up. This is a real encounter of the Culdee Fell Railway. If you are more of a trekking type then there are routes waiting for you to be able to go up the mountain tops…pick a trek of your choice with the help of enthusiasts.

Llanrwst Bridge
Mythic Llanrwst Bridge, Wales (google image)

3. Book a cottage of your choice and explore the nearby scenery. There are a lot of holiday cottages to choose from. Either surrounded by magnificent mountains, a few are a walk away from hidden coves, an almost dreamy house by the coast, or in a lush, peaceful river valley. Wales is as unique as the cottages it offers – choose your natural inclination and pick one and explore the area. Enjoy the landscape, seascape and skyscape that have inspired many great artists and photographers then and today. Photograph the mystic towns and cities of Wales as you please.

welsh cawl lamb leek soup
Welsh Cawl, lamb and leek soup via

4. No holiday is complete without having the local cuisine of the place you visit. Welsh cuisine is famous for lambs and leeks that its national dish the Welsh Cawl (cowl) is thought to contain both when in actuality it is cooked with either salted bacon or beef, along with potatoes, carrots and other seasonal vegetables. Nevertheless, this dish is an awesome addition to your gastronomic adventure.

While at the Caerphilly Castle or the town, get yourself some of the crumbly cheese, Caerphilly. Pose beside the cheese statue too.

Of course don’t forget to take a bite of Welsh cakes and take some home for your mom too! Welsh cakes or bakestones are made from flour, sultanas, raisins, and/or currants, and may also include such spices as cinnamon and nutmeg and are popular snacks there.

5. Sports. There are many popular activities at the national parks in Wales ( Brecon Beacons National Park, Snowdonia National Park and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park) which include hill walking, hiking, canoeing, hang gliding, kayaking and climbing.

Wales has a rich rugby tradition and one can always head to the spectacular Millenium Stadium in Cardiff for a national match to watch even without understanding the game. Wales is also becoming increasingly popular for ‘extreme’ sports, such as surfing, mountain biking and downhill cycling. If you enjoy surfing, try riding the Severn bore too.

Cardiff at night
Mermaid Quay, Cardiff at night. photo via

6. While at Cardiff, shop to your heart’s content at the Mermaid Quay. The 14,000 sq m waterfront shopping and leisure district was opened in 1999, and includes restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. Mermaid Quay is the perfect contrast of rural Wales. Spend here for clothes and branded items and find the tastiest Glamorgan sausage, Laverbread or Crempogau. Also the perfect place for you to while your night away if you’re not out in the wilds enjoying the starry, night sky.


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